Country Music

This is gonna shock most of you, but I’m finding myself liking more and more country music. Specifically Kenny Chesney and Montgomery Gentry. Since I pretty much don’t know shit about country music, if anybody here does, please pass on some suggestions.

Can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash. Or David Allan Coe :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of country would surprise most people. It’s quite good, but of course most of the more popular country singers aren’t my favorite. They’re not my thing. I prefer the ol’ country :slight_smile:

Not a Johnny Cash fan. See, I haven’t gone completely crazy; I don’t want that twangy shit, I want contemporary country.

Especially if you’re talking about Coe’s Underground album, which I know you are. I think it’s funny.

:hint: Racism abound.

EDIT: Give “Cocaine Carolina” and “Man in Black” a spin. Neither one of them is twangy.

I enjoy the occasional Tim McGraw song.

Joe Ely isn’t particularly twangy, and sounds much more modern than he is, and punk scene vereran Mike Ness has a couple alt-country albums that are actually pretty good, despite being definitive proof that he cannot sing worth two shits. Most of the ‘rebel country’ singers of the late seventies (generally with album titles centering around ‘outlaw’ or some related word) are pretty good, although Cash-esque, which evidently isn’t your thing. Tom T. Hall has some fun storytelling songs, my dad likes him a lot and I don’t mind him, althoug he also cannot sing worth two shits, but isn’t twangy in any way. Also, I have a bizarre love of gunfighter ballads, Marty Robbins’ especially.

Country Rock is damn good, although I think the genre’s dead. Songs like Commando Cody’s “Hot-Rod Lincoln” and such.

Country in general is <i>okay</i>, though the best is still old; Johnny Cash, David Allen Cole, all that outlaw/redneck/trucker music. The rest of the genre is some mopey shit. Take a song called “Concrete Angel” by god-knows-why-my-mother-watches-the-CMAs, which is about a little girl who was beaten to death by her father. And we though <i>emo</i> was bad!

I like Johnny Cash and Johnny Horton.

Country is all that I listen to. You might try Keith Urban, Tobey Keith, and Trace Atkins. I don’t really consider David Allen Coe country, I think he is more of a comedy singer.

You got sumthin’ 'gainst the Rhinestone Cowboy, son?

Being funny doesnt’ make it not Country, any more than the sad ones are emo.

Reminds me of a joke a trucker I know tells.

Y’know how when you play Led Zeppelin or whatever backwards you’re supposed to hear Satanic messages? Ever tried playing a Country record backwards?

You get your dog back, and your truck back, and your wife back…

did aaaah shave maaah legs fer this


Also, later country rock, like Skynyrd, is pretty great. Check out Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show if you like humourous songs of drug-induced binges where Shel Silverstene hangs out with a patch-eyed southern rocker, and other such misadventures.

Yes, yes it shocks me.

^Deanna Carter.

Um, I’d say Keith Urban also. Maybe even some uhh… I forget the name, nevermind.

I can stand county in small doses but i stick with the thought that country music is the music of pain.