Who wants some?

Kinda late, and you already know, but hey, I’m game for some CS!

:slight_smile: You don’t want this. I already showed you how I work it. And I think you don’t want anymore of my ‘1337 skillz0rz’ on your ass
BOYEEE heh… I’ll shut up now

well, unless you can get bots I think a low-person game of CS wouldn’t be all that fun…although then again it might be :stuck_out_tongue: Sure I’ll play sometime.

If I could play CS from the lab I would join. I’m still under a 56K connection at home you see…

56K is the DEVIL :o And bots are hax0rz. I never played with them anyway. I always play with people. So, yeah. Recently my skills have gone to CRAP. ;.;

That’s obvious.
I own your ass :stuck_out_tongue:
Merl. I would so love to take you on some time. I’ll play if you’re ever in the mood to.

Now that CS is coming for xbox, im not interested in the PC one, i can still r0xx0r y0ur 455

Meh. CS. CS sucks, go with Day of Defeat instead. 10000000000000000000000000000 times better!

I hate day of defeat. It’s way, way too sniper oriented, not to mention that its awfully clippy, and the crosshairs suck. A lot of the game dynamics just suck, like not being able to move when in the sniper zoom and it takes forever to get up out of prone. It has potential, but it just isn’t very good yet.

As far as Counter Strike goes, I’m pretty good, but I’m also pretty rusty. I’ve also encountered this problem where I seem to stick somewhere for a few seconds while moving. I just slow down to a stop and then go again. It’s weird, but ultimatly not too bad. Feel free to hit me up for a game anytime. I can usually be found at:

The Underworld: Counter-Strike | 43ms |
GameWarrior’s Fy-World | 57ms |
GameWarrior’s Linux 1.6 #2| 61ms |

Eh? The fact that you can’t move around while in sniper mode means that you almost has to camp, true. But it’s at the same time more realistic; since it’s easier to hit people, it’s also a much more tactical game than CS. CS is just “Get-kalashnikov-and-go-berserk-while-jumping-around-like-a-rabbit”, maybe throw a smoke grenade every once in a while. That’s it. Noone plants any bombs, noone takes hostages, they just try and kill each others. And have you ever sneaked up on a Sniper, pulled your knife, observed your prey for about 30 seconds and then stabbed them in the back?

Also fun is hiding in a Sniper’s nest and sneak up on the people with a knife… X-D

Yeah, I know I’m a stab-a-holic. :stuck_out_tongue:

The reasons I love DoD:

  • Realistic.
  • Handgrenades have big blast radius and are extremely lethal as opposed to the wuzzy CS grenades - They are in other words extremely great anti-sniper weapons.
  • You get to kill Nazis
  • dod_caen2 is the best map ev0r. 'Nuff said.
  • You actually need to be tactical for once
  • Teamwork is extremely important
  • Balanced like hell - No class is better than the other
  • Knife really hurts
  • You can catch/pick up a handgrenade and throw it back.
  • The level of detail - Germans speak german, you can shoot off a guy’s helmet and stuff…

If CS is a “Get-kalashnikov-and-go-berserk-while-jumping-around-like-a-rabbit”, which it isn’t anymore since bunny hopping is relativly impossible to do now, then DoD is a “sit there and snipe people or hide in a window and rain bullets down on areas with your machine gun” game. In most pub games I play, bombs are planted, and hostages are taken, generally because most of the time we don’t have any money, and doing these things brings in the money pretty well.

Using such a generalization is a waste of time, since it can be done for both games.

CS in a pub game doesn’t require much teamwork, but CS matches do, because you’ve only got 5 people per team, each person is important. I’ve never played a DoD match, nor do I ever intend too since I’m pretty much done with that scene, but I can imagine that since the game dynamics are pretty much based around machine guns in windows and snipers just sitting there, that the matches are much better no matter what.

Throw together eight persons in a LAN party and play some DoD, then go back to CS with the same people, and you’ll understand why it’s better.

Ok, granted, I haven’t touched CS since v1.1 or so, it might’ve gotten better than before. And I played almost exclusively matches when I played in LANs - 4v4…

But meh. I still prefer the way DoD works. Pure action and tactics all the way through…

I’ve done that. I still prefer CS. At least I can fucking shoot something in that game instead of having to wait for the crosshair to move into the right space. Not to mention that 8 people playing DoD sucks - the maps are too damn big.

I played DoD when it was first released back in the beta, it was waaay better. They fucked the game up majorly. It was fun way back then, but now…now it’s a shell.

Maps too big? Dude, what have you been smoking? dod_omaha (I think they removed that one though) is a perfect example of a fun, challenging map. If it gets too crowded though, it sucks, but on a 4v4… Well, the germans have a very good advantage, but it’s not impossible to take over. Just bloody hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

And see, it takes less of a split second to stop and aim in DoD. However, that’s more than enough, it’s way way more realistic and, IMO, brings a whole different way of thinking as well. IRL, do you run around blasting folks with two machine guns while running as fast as possible? Hell no, you slowly advance, people covering you as you slowly fight your way forward. Can you hit someone while running IRL? Not unless you’re extremely good, or your name happens to be Rambo.

And THAT is why I prefer DoD over CS: You can’t play Rambo. If you wanna play Rambo, go play UT. In DoD, if you take a bullet, you’re probably a goner. Therefore you have to be careful in that game, you need to systematicly hunt down snipers, sneak, talk with your teammates, lie in ambush… Basicly every dirty trick in the book in order to survive. It may not be an honorable game - But then again, war rarely is.

I’ve played both of those, and the only part about DoD that I think might make it better than CS is that you can be the Germans. But there’s Battlefield 1942 for that, so CS it is.

Yea, hands down, Battlefield 1942 beats both CS and DoD ;p