Counterstrike problems

For some odd reason, lately I’ve been getting banned from a lot of servers, because of “cheating”. I put cheating in quotations because I’ve never used a hack or cheat in counter strike, or half life for that matter, EVER. Yet I’m still banned for cheating violations, apparently till 11/28/2003, which is bullshit, because I never did anything. I fixed it before by uninstalling and reinstalling, but it happened again… I’m wondering if anyone’s had this problem before, or if they know how to bypass it.

Welcome to counterstrike. Unfortunatly, that’s the way the game is - some people just can’t handle loosing.

Just what exactly was your problem?

Yeah, I get banned from iceworld servers for killing whole teams at a time.
Just join other servers. Now, if it’s in an hlguard server and it says you have hacks or cheats, then there’s a problem.

My problem is, I’m getting banned for no reason at all… I think someone else used my Cd key, and fuckin messed around a bit, and got my cd key a bad rep or something, so now I’m gettin banned on all the servers I play on with my friends. I honestly have never used hacks, so it’s really baffling me… maybe I’ll just reinstall again, but I might just run into the problem again a few days later. oh well, maybe it’s time for an updated computer.

Well, you can play with me, sorc, and shin when we play, 2v2 sounds good.

What IP, and when do you guys play?

We usually met up in the chat room - the IP is:

Uh, we play whenever we want to. I host the server :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh, Counterstrike is like that Gila.OMG u got 3 kills in a row!! OMG OMG j00 r teh haxxor!!

Heh only for me it’s “You got 5 deaths in a row and still no kills! you’re banned!”