Counterstrike cs_italy - secret room?

I know theres one above the room in the apartment with the radio, but I can’t remember how to get inside. Anybody wanna refresh my memory?

I’m not a CS player (I prefer standard Half-Life), but my brother plays a lot. According to him, you can’t reach that room; it’s a hidden room sealed off by the map’s creator. You can see it in Free-Look Mode, but that’s about it. I believe there’s a scientist from Black Mesa typing away at a keyboard in there.

No, you can get in there, I’ve been in there before. It’s just a room with windows (that you can’t see out of) and a big renassaince type mural on the wall.

Steps to getting into secret room

  1. Buy $10,000 Machine Gun
  2. Get into a firefight
  3. Get killed because the Machine Gun is such a piece of shit
  4. Move mouse to bottom of screen
  5. Click on the “view mode” button
  6. Switch it to “Free Look”
  7. Imbued with the magical powers of flight and the ability to phase through walls, you can now enter the secret room!


people, you can get in there while being alive…

You have to get two people on top of the radio (not the one you can blow up) and one person boosts the other one up.

(sorry if it came a bit late)