Anybody here play Counter-Strike, the Halflife mod?


woohoo:wave: finally somebody posts! We should play together sometime!

Uh…maybe…I guess.

right. :slight_smile:

Lots of people play Counter-Strike. Including me.

yea…i play cs…alot.

Wow, I play CS and I’m a SotN freak. Aren’t I cool Majin? :hahaha;

yeah, I play CS sometimes. I’m not very good though -_- so I dunno if you want to play against me. you’ll hvae a better challenge playing against a bot. :thud:

I’m not so bad anymore, I used to be really into CS. Butnow my friend is addicted. He admits it. I quote:

" Yea, sometimes I get tired of it and don’t want to play, but I just play anyways cause I have to." moment of silence " I’m addicted."

:enguard: Why don’t we all play sometime?

that could prove to be amusing… do you know of the AMX mod? (I think that’s what it’s called) it’s pretty fun

Yep! Umm the server I play on a lot, pretty much all the time is TZLV Old Skool. Get the IP at umm I think…

The thing I hate about the AMX mod is how it saves player spots for admins.

Wow, you play at a shitty server man. I went in there after not playing CS in a while and my controls seemed kinda fucked up, and after trying to defuse the bomb and somehow throwing out all my equipment instead, I asked if the admins had fucked with my controls, and then I get told by 5 or 6 people that cussing isn’t allowed.

Ok, that’s cool, so I say “meh, ok, but this is a rated m game”. To which the following occurs:

“Well this is a mature server.”
“Well people can cuss and be mature. Just because you cuss doesn’t mean you’re immature”.

Then an admin steps in and says:

“If you think that’s fucking with your controls, cuss again and I’ll really fuck with them”.

Now, I’m confused - did he screw with my controls at all? My shit was a little off, but maybe I screwed something up somewhere. But whatever, this doesn’t seem like a very mature approach at all. So I say so:

“Well, that’s not very mature. For a mature server that is.”
“You want mature? Get your HL CD ready.”

My Half Life then closes on me. I return to the server to recieve more abusive admin action, and to find something about my config.cfg to be tottaly outta wack. What it is, I’m not sure yet, but they fucked with something, and I intend to bitch about it.

What a prick. Servers like those are fuckin stupid, people that take the game that seriously shouldn’t even be playing games.

I have to admit… I thought something was a little amis when I ducked to defuse and my screen started jiggling back and forth… I also filled the defuse bar before it went off, but it still blew up. shrugs other than that, I had no problems.

anybody play Team Fortress as well?

I am known as Solid Snake there, and I always pick the spy as my job.

I played team fortress classic for like, 4 years. I was pretty heavy in the clan scene. I was in a few top level clans too.

hmm maybe you got one of the asshole admins. the only thing they’re really strict on is the no cussing rule, you cant even say “gay.” I admit that was pretty jacked up… sorry for sending you there if it caused any problems…

Yea, I think it did. I can’t connect to servers, and I may have to reinstall. That’s a bitch, because my Team Fortress Classic is all customized and I have a 100+ maps for TFC.

I used to play CS
So if I ever decide to install it again and you want a challenge look me up, because I can honestly say I rule :P:mwahaha: