Could this show be any faker?

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

More like, who wants to “try” and fool you into thinking this is a reality program. This thing is so obviously scripted its not funny! I’m sure the stunts and what not are real, but after watching all of them look over the gate last night, at the same time as the camera focused on them, and the dogs, “knocking down the gate” to get to them, it just seemed corny. Even some of their diologue seems to betray the fact that its not “real” reality.

Case in point, the Iron Enforcer, leaving the group, after being told to leave by Stan Lee, and a television right there where he’s walking? Hid performance didn’t look too real as it came on and he was told he could be a supervillain. Then again he could have been a mole, but there would have been a better way to show him turning than this!

This is just my take on it. I hope the script has Creature, or Captain Victory win, it might be fun to see them in the comics for a little bit.

Anyway what do the rest of you think?

For some reason I can’t shake the feeling that Wilfredo is in this show somewhere.

Any show that has superhero in the title, or is about superheroes, is obviously fake. What the hell is your point?

I’ve obviously missed out on something here. It’s a show where people act as superheroes?

Who Wants To Be a Superhero? It’s a show hosted by Stan Lee where people contend to be superheroes. And Ziggy here is a prime example of Didn’t Get The Joke.

I think this is the link. Stan Lee is gives the winner their own superhero character into a comic book. It’s on Sci-Fi channel on Thursdays at 9 pm Pacific time. Its funny, but kinda screwy at the same time.

Then I’d have wanted to see that cell phone person and Phone Ranger as a team. Ha ha. Wouldn’t be like that though.

You know after that Stripperella flop, I should have known this thing would have been fake. They turned Man-Faye away that was a point right there that they weren’t interested in the average fan!

Cellphone girl was a ditz anyway, what kind of hero complains, high whiny voice “I’ve got a headache, so I can’t open the door to let the poor old lady into her house?”

I’m fairly sure Wonder Woman has left a murder situation to fix her make-up in a behind-the-scenes story some time. She’s always seemed like she’d do that.

This could be faker by… 1.They all are puppets! 2.Someone saying “I am…LINE!” 3.Someone called “Big Black Guy Named Ben” wins.

I really have to question your judgement here. They did everyone a favor, and you count it against them? You want to see MORE Man-Faye???

Yeah, how DARE they mock, parodize, and ridicule the ancient and revered institution of Reality Television?

All reality TV is scripted.

I don’t think its all scripted, and most definately not all of it is fixed like this show is i think.

Okay Man-Faye has a problem I’ll admit that, I don’t think I’d like to see Man-Faye tv, but it might have made an interesting mini series for a comic book. Vorpy you miss the point, I mean, what happens if Stan lee himself decides to dress like Faye?

I saw it, and i was thinking the same thing…Its all fake. True about almost all reality TV though, or so it seems.I think that guy could have had a cooler costume, if it were just like a gladiator, except with more red, and less shiny.

This is probably a really stupid and annoying and possibly impossible question to ask: could I download an episode off the internet? If so, where? I’m not having luck with P2P networks.

Yeah, they screwed up the gladiator costume by making it out of soft, stretchy plastic. The shoulderpads and helmet looked more like protective padding than a superhero costume.

Who’s up for some Power Rangers? They were cooler

Only if it’s might morphing ones! I hoped this was actually reality for once lol, strange to say. I figured it would be a good show.

Don’t know, don’t care.