"Could not repair connection... but you're still online!"

Okay, my computer is acting a bit weird.

For a while now, when I’ve turned it on I have now and then seen a little exclamationmark-sign by the “You’re connected” symbol down in the right corner, and a bubble saying the connection is off. This has so far been mendable by right-clicking the icon and selecting “Repair”.
I think this has been going on for longer but that it then has been able to fix itself automatically. I think so because I’ve seen that “The connection to the local network is now connected” (dialing Redundancy Department of Redundancy) bubble sometimes without having had to hit the repair order.

This morning however, when it happened again and I attempted to repair it, I got the message that the repair failed because “Could not renew IP-adress”. The thing was, the exclamation-sign STILL disappeared and I was connected (this may have happened after the failure message appeared, I was making tea so I wasn’t watching).

Now, is there anything I can do about this? I’m on Win XP and use broadband, and don’t tell me to change my operating program.