Could it get any mroe perfect?

I just got back from speaking with an Officer about the Marien Officer Program and if I get into the program, they will give me $8000 a semester for tuition and books, plus $300 a month spending money. I go to 2 training sessions, one this summer and another my Junior year. Then when I graduate, I’ll get my commision and become an officer. However, them paying for my school and $300 spending monney is so cool. I just got get my PFT up before this summer.

Why your life is so perfect, that your practialy running in linux!

I’m sad, why dont you have that christmas avatar up? It makes me so happy to see.

Good for you Info! I so need a job.

Could it get any mroe perfect?
Only if your spelling was perfect, too.

You lucky bastard. I wish I could get a sweet little set up like that.


Almost as nice as me that got a job I don’t have the education to do.

Good for you. Hopefully it will keep your mind off of certain tragic events.

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Only if your spelling was perfect, too.

You shoud know by now that I can’t type and am prone for typos.

Congrats Info.