Could a day get any worse?

Okay… eight/nine o’clock in the morning my dad calls in asking for my mom. Knowing that she was asleep, I told him that. He sounded like it was an emergancy so I took the phone to my mom and minutes later she comes out hangs the phone up and puts on her shoes. I ask what’s wrong and she says myu dad is having bad chest pains. He was gonna drive home but the people at work said he wasn’t in any condintion to drive. So, they drove him up to the hospitle. Mom leaves and says she’d call us whenever she can.

it’s almost three o’clock and no news on my dad…

If the day can get any worser, we have storm clouds over our heads and I hate thunderstorms… >_<

hugs you know I’m here for you Chrissy. this can be difficult to deal with… similar things have happened to my father before in the past…

but you know I’m here for you… I want you to let me know what happens the moment you hear from your mother. you know that I’ll be praying for you and your father.

…I can say nothing that can be as good as Orak, but meh I’ll try something.

Well, if you need anything, I’m, no wait, Orak is always there, and us other RPGCers are here too most of the time. :slight_smile: I hope your dad’s alright, and hope good stuff happens in your future. And remember these things:

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Silly American! [/pitiful atempt to cheer Chrissy up]

I hope your dad’s ok.

Daddy finally came home but looks extremly tired… though my mom won’t tell me anything…

thanks guys

Hm, tired eh. Maybe he just needs a little rest. (Psst, did my pitiful atempts help)

well, at least he’s home… I’d be a bit suspicious if this happened to my father and my mother wouldn’t tell me. I’ve already told something of a similar story of my friend.

anyways, I’ll still be praying for your father… God will work everything out, Chrissy… just trust in him. remember that, and remember that I’m still here for you.

He probably had been awaken from the time he woke up yesterday to today’s morning. That’s why he’s tired.

Maybe he’s just had a moment of low or high blood pressure, which isn’t always something to worry very much about, and that’s why he felt bad. I hope he’s OK by now.

I’m glad to hear that he’s okay. The worst things seem to happen to the best people.

Maybe your dad was stressed? You have a right to know what happened to your father…I echo what everyone else said.

Yes, tension spikes can have that effect.
When people in a certain physical condition get nervous or have too many stimulants, that kind of thing can happen.

Best of luck to your dad and your family.

I’m glad to hear that your dad got home safe, CC, and I hope that he’ll be fine. We’re here for you if you need us, as others already said.

I hope things are OK now, or will soon be, CC. Meanwhile, remember not to let the stress get to you. It’s important in moments like this to be calm, to show your family your support.

Best wishes.