Cops follow trail of donuts to track stolen truck

Let the police/donut jokes begin.

Who wants to take a ride in my ROFLCOPTER LOLIOOOOOO ELMAYOU

I can just see those guys. They see a line of donuts, and they’re all

“One donut? TWO donuts!?!?” Hfkjerhiughdifughdfkjgfh LOOOOAALLLLL

Cops like doughnuts.

It’s OK, they had Subway.

Tonight on Police Wildest Chases: A Cop dream and a Dieters Nightmare!

Big Nutter
Does evey parked NYC Police car has Donuts or crums from an ex-donut?

It says “Service unavailable.”

I can imagine their faces when they opened the truck. I bet they cried of joy like a pair of western old men who finally hit the gold mother lode.

This story is a hoax. Modern science has it that when cops find a donut truck, the truck’s owner will see it again.

Yes, he will, but without doughnuts.

Ohhhhh I get it.

That guy is an idiot. He should know that police will find donuts easier than anything; they have noses like bloodhounds for that type of thing. The cops would have been able to find the truck even if it didn’t lose all of those donuts.

How to get the Police to the Crime Scene in Time, by Grandma’s Doughnuts INC.

I’m being robbed. I got doughnuts!

Everybody likes doughnuts.

I don’t. They’re too sweet.


Krispy Kremes Mmmmmm. The best kind of donut. After the truck was found I suspect there wasn’t any evidence because the cops probably it all.

Where I live we have a special kind of donut which is fatty instead of sweet. We also have the traditional, but people massively prefer the fatty variety. Me too.

I cant eat donuts ;_;