Not so sure about 28 days later. <.< I’ve gotten really turned off to “oh no zombie type people are chasing us” movies since Resident Evil.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen looks cool tho. ^^ Sean Connery’s awesome.

The vampire doesn’t look too manly to be a gentleman tho…

They seem like standard action movies. I’m looking more forward to Matrix: Revolutions and Return of the King, and Spider-Man 2 whenever it comes out.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen might be entertaining, but I’ve completely written off the other one :stuck_out_tongue:

They look okay. Not something like, say, LOTR Return of the King, but neato.

If I watch any film this year it’ll be Return of the king. Although I really have to watch Matrix reloaded now it’s come out here in England.

Although It Seems Like Some Sort Of Complicated X-Men Ripoff…I Say 95% Of People Who See The Movie Go To See Sean. The Other 5% Don’t Know Where They Are…

I’m with Curtis.

Yeah, I’d have to go with popular opinion here and say that the League looks pretty interesting but the 28 days thing, I was just never really into horror films.

You know, when I saw the first movie trailer to 28 Days Later, I thought it would be people trying to rebuild a civilization after 90% of its population was taken out, not turn into some zombie flick. There were no zombies in the first trailer I saw.

I mean it’s not like this hasn’t ben done before. I saw one where a meteor came so close to the earth that it turned everyone into red powder. Those who were semi affected by it’s rays were turned into (or slowly mutated into) zombies, and only people that were in steel enclosed areas survived. At least this movie was smart enough to be stupid, as the main characters were teenagers that “inheirited” a bunch of cars, could take whatever from the mall, and go into Dodger Stadium… and still blow away zombies. (I can swear that the guy who played Chakotay was a character in that movie also.)

Originally posted by Urkani
Although I really have to watch Matrix reloaded now it’s come out here in England.

Hey, I actually saw it last night, it was incredible!! I won’t say anything more, in case I spoil something for you.

Of course I will say more if you want it slightly spoiled, but that is up to you!

I’ve already taken a look at the League comics and I’m eager to watch the movie and see what it’s got.

It’s nothing like X-men! They’re all characters from victorian books.

Sean Connery
Allan Quatermain
King Solomon’s Mines

Stuart Townsend
Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian Gray

Peta Wilson
Mrs. Mina Murray

HarkerShane West
Agent (Tom) Sawyer
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tony Curran
Rodney Skinner
The Invisible Man

Jason Flemyng
Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde

Naseeruddin Shah
Captain Nemo