Cool things to do at home

If you live in a building, you can put a pad pool on a nearby building, and then use a diving oxygen tank as a jet to rocket-jump into the pool from the top of another building a few blocks away.

But if you lack the guts to do it IRL, you can try this game.

For those in the board who have recently joined a Ch’Tullic religion, you can try and summon Ishtar. If you don’t get it, there’s a certain book that you can find in the internet that people claim to be the necronomicon, and it says that the way to escape doom is to summon this goddess (well, that’s what I understood when I took a superficial read). The address is

That was strange.

I’m guessing that by Ch’Thullic you mean Cthuloid (i.e. based around Cthulhu), since you mentioned the Necronomicon, but I don’t really think that it is the real one, since there is (as far as I can remember) no goddess in the Cthulhu mythos called Ishtar.
Besides, th necronomicon isn’t exactly a book that tries to lead you <I>away</I> from doom. :stuck_out_tongue:

The other link is cool though… :slight_smile:

That game is hard. But Fun!

The movie ‘soulkeeper’ and evangelists kept me frome figuring out the name of the soulkeeper.

Yeah, there isn’t, because Ishtar is an ancient Babylonian goddess of love and war.

That’s really cool, great game.