Cool Rpg Site

One of my Friends gve this site to me.

Its Called

You pick a gangster, rock star, or monster. and battle for power and money.

You also make Battle Groups to help you out.

You get money and buy items to power up with.

awesome site

go check it out


click here

Another Outwar spammer? Well you could have been the type to try to fake people into helping you out.
Edit: As I noticed your post count I see you didnt join just to get people to click your little link, so you could have been worse.

Someone seriously needs to hack Outwar.

Originally posted by Urkani
Someone seriously needs to hack Outwar.


ill put that on my things to do in there list.

and technicly it is an rpg site

and i did sort of tell you what its about

so its not spaming it, is it???

He might mean that many people here already know about it.

But I haven’t been here long enough to know if that’s true…

no spamming. bye.