Cool people that have abandoned us over the years

Here is where you list some of the cool people on RPGC that dont really come here ever anymore.

I’m gonna go with Macc Maverick as number one, God he was great, wasnt he?
Faruk was great, he’s probably still trying to figure out how to get to the new server




Pierson wasn’t THAT cool.



I heard that Oinin Kid’s urination tactics where Masterful…

Big Nutter
Either that he had good aim…

Fuck you Pierson was awesome. Remember the time he jumped over five buses on a Segway?

I thought I was the only Brit that refered to themselves in the 3rd person.

I thought you where! but We like the esaping Pierson droid!!

please stop posting

I’m still here. All is well.

Remember RamzaOfTheBeoulves? Ahh, he was a wonder :smiley:

Indeed. Also Dais and Zen.

Let us not forget our missing staffers, like Rast, Bahamut, and the aforementioned Macc.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…thanks for the laugh, mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

MegamanX2K and Uriel since they were annying

Tweak the Cursed was cool

Nine Inch Nails and Torpedo Girl

X isn’t really gone…

And Bahamut has already been said. Blizzard too. Though they are still around, and I still talk to them.


<img src=“”> I will have to say Faetan, Tannin, StarryPeach, and KenTar.