Cool free online game

Hey guys this game is cool its called out war you can choose to play a ganster, rockstar, or a monster and they each have sepecial bonuses you get to buy weapons and defenses and other need stuff i gotta put this warning tho some of the content is illegal but hey its awesome fun and a good time waster click here and sign up!!! happy

or we could just go to and avoid giving you free stuff

ya but why not help a brotha out and take the same ammount of time doing it and help some one in the process sounds like a plan so click it!

or not, considering that had less punctuation than i usually use. Besides both were down a minute ago and im not willing to try again

haw… some people…

How did I know outwar spammers would get around to RPGC.:fungah:

I’ve never heard of it.

a very excite game