Cool flash game

The Dead Case

'Tis a nifty little point-and-click adventure game. Give it a look.

yeah, I couldnt figure out what to do with the god damn fire ghost. I had the two candles, theres nowhere to light them. I figured I could give them to the friggin ghost thats on fire and it might light it. but grah! c’mon! what do I do!?

There’s a third candle you need to get. Check the graveyard. If it’s not there, there’s something else you need to do.

whoa whoa whoa, dont spoil it for me!

Meh, it’s ok.

Pretty cool.

Awesome, seemingly original game though I had to use the hints a few times, doh.

I think I managed to screw up and now I’m really stuck ^^

It’s pretty fun, but I’m not that good at it.

Well, where are you?I could probably be of some help.

The ghost you control resembles Goundskeeper Willie in that Halloween special.