Cool Doujinshi a friend found

A friend of collage was going around Deviantart and found a link to this and I thought I should share it with all of you.Even if you hate Cartoon Network this makes a lot of characters look cool.

Link fixed

Samurai Jack looks pretty cool

Dude, I hate all those shows, except Samurai Jack, that just rocks, yet really like that.

I don’t hate all of them, but the ones I do…that person makes them cool…

In other words, that r0x0rz.

Ah, yes, this. I don’t even watch Cartoon Network, and I still found this cool.

Why must everything that is sacred be desecrated by Japanese manga style of art?

I’ve seen it before, but yeah, it rocks. :cool:

Yeah, the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter don’t seem half as annoying.

It looketh pretty awesome.

Is that that robot? that sexy robot? from that teenage robot show? I love her!


It isn’t. Anyway everyone knows who the sexiest robot really is.

But man, that’s awesome. A non-porn Doujin. Who’da thunk it?



My same words exactly the first time i ever saw this,now if Cartoon Network would ever get a hint from this it would be great,but that’s just going into fantasy land.

I’ve been following thios for a few months now, it’s pretty damn cool. I especially like the video the same guy did, featuring the rebirth of the RowdyRuff Boys. I would KILL to know what that song is.

Wow, cool!

I like all the shows, and I so like Dexter that I’m going to use him from the Doujinshi as an avvie someday.

Oh, by the way…

Bell & GIR= R0X0RZ