Cool as fuck!

Dude, it’s like, a mix of StickDeath or Xiao Xiao with Quake, but with style!

Bird eye view. You play against other people (I think you can have up to 4 people in a game) in a DeathMatch. Controls are simple: W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move, space bar or left mouse to shoot. Pick weapons by running over them, but you’ll lose the one you’re carrying. You can use your bare hands if you’re desperate, though it’ll only be useful against someone who’s more desperate than you.

The hammer is a one-hit-kill weapon.

My account there goes by CS,Renan (yes, they accept commas in the username).

nice find Ren. though I did find it annoying that you could die so easily. my account is rpgccaitsith.

it was just gonna be cait sith but someone already took that name. ;_;

No, not really.

well…nulani already said it…

Right as always.

Its actually “cool ass fuck!” which accurately describes what happened when I played the game… It was cool… But the spawn camping and bad weapon placement made it an “ass fuck”.

Ass fucks are always cool.

Dude I’d ass fuck

i luv u rmza lololololl nubunubunub
It’s a really good game, I’d say.


the whole thing kind of sucked. i dunno…i didn’t have speakers, so it might have good audio, but that could hardly have been a saving grace for this game.