Converting OGM to AVI

I was wondering if there’s a free program that provides an easy way to convert a bunch of anime episodes from OGM to AVI. I have a DivX player hooked up to my TV, so it’s nice to have all the AVI files on one DVD. Right now I have to do the following for each file (assuming I want the Japanese track):

-Open it up in VirtualDubMod.
-Demux the .ogg sound file as well as the .srt subtitle track.
-Convert the .ogg file to .mp3 (I just use a program called FreeRip to do that)
-Convert the .srt to .ssa (there’s another program called Conversor that does that)
-Open the new MP3 and SSA files in VirtualDubMod using various options, then Save As AVI.

Needless to say, that’s a hassle. -_- Has anyone come across anything that streamlines the process (hopefully allowing batch runs)?

EDIT: Wow, I actually found one. Where was it a month ago? >_< Anyway, if anyone needs something like this, AllToAvi
seems to work wonders. 8D

a month ago the software wasnt created lol. until 2 month aog I finally decided that theres too much animes sitting in my HDD that i cannot watch, so I wrote alltoavi XD

thanks for for your support, glad it worked for you.

just to let you know, a better version that support AAC audio, H.264 Video will be released after easter, alltoavi ver3. be sure to check it out!


Will do. I can see you’ve been doing some Google searching. 8p Thanks for a great product!

thank you so much!!! I’ve been looking for a OGM translator for like the last 2 1/2 weeks! thank you i am indebted to you for letting me use this to burn Outlaw Star one of the greatest animes ever!!!