"Contract of Wifely Expectations"

Don’t eat or drink while reading this.

Link to news story.

A Council Bluffs man is accused of kidnapping his own wife, and prosecutors allege he devised a marriage contract to establish what his wife was to do, and when she was to do it. Travis Frey, 33, is accused, among other things, of giving his wife chances to win “good behavior days.”

Apart from the kidnapping, that just sounds a stupid at first glance, doesn’t it? However, wait until you get to the details of what was in this contract.

Frey is already charged with first-degree kidnapping, which is a crime punishable by life in prison without parole. Frey also faces a charge of domestic assault causing bodily injury on his wife.

End stupid. What a charming little hubby, ain’t he?
Oh, but you haven’t yet seen that contract, have you? It’s available for viewing online, but I’m not going to link to it here, because there are some details in it that could violate the board rules. However, some pieces of it…

… kids?
Oh but wait, this is quite tame. This still sounds like suggestions, apart from those GBDs. Seriously, does he think she’s a kindergarden kid or something that he can boss around?
Oh no, it’s much worse than that.

Oh, thanks. Really kind of you, bub.

On your birthday, Jan 4th you will recieve a GBD that is good only on your birthday.

On or before our anniversary you will select and purchase new lingerie for yourself.

Yep, that’s as much as he’s ever getting her. Doesn’t say anything about Christmas, but I guess she gets to dress up in red lingerie or something then.
Pardon me, I’m gonna throw up.

If you request a change [to the contract] before [the ordained] time you will lose 10 GBD’s. Negotiations requested in a timely manner will be done after you are in your sleepwear. All properly made requests, will be consider.

I don’t think you want to hear my comment on that. His spelling needs work. Yes… his spelling. cough

Anyway, back to the article…

Emphasis mine. Good to know he’s got an attorney who can’t keep facts straight, at least.

Oh, and they also found child pornography on this charmy fellow’s computer, but apparently they need to (according to his attorney) “prove that he really was the one downloading it”.

Frey’s attorney said he intends to plead not guilty on all counts, and is expected to bond out of jail this week.

Uhhh… no. Please. What I do want to know about this is how long this couple knew each other before getting married. Seriously. O_o

… What the hell is wrong with this world? This is crazy shit. :\

I’ve seen that story elsewhere, but it’s still disgusting. That freak has some serious problems.

Only a fraction into reading that and I wanted to punch him.

Sexism. He’s a sexist pigdog who deserve to be treated like a pig and neutered.

You’d stop at punching him? You should kick him where it hurts!

I just read this the other day, it was fun to read, probably cause it was just so far out there.

Damn, that is bad. I guess some people in this world are just sick. And this guy sure fits into that category.

I still say we should send these people back to Gor and carpet-nuke the damn planet.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is pretty damn funny.


He got caught, so why be disgusted? Laugh at him, and her for getting herself into that and not having a good enough thought process to notice a dipshit like him.

… What the fuck. Seriously.

I second the motion.

… Is it sad that I get the reference?

Steve: You have no idea how the abused mind works. If she did go through all of this, she was probably very fearful of what he could do to her.

EDIT: I read the contract. I hope that this guy goes to prison for the rest of his life (where he can be raped by the people that hear about his misconduct). Also, I thought it was funny that it said that fellatio will be five minutes and may include climax. Wow. Five minutes. snicker

Holy shit, you’re in favor of rape as a punitive measure? I’ve talked to you lots of times in the past and you never struck me as a sociopath. Have you recently undergone some trauma?

Maybe I’m just being stupid, but I can’t find the link to the contract, someone PM it to me?

Disregard this.

First things first : They it was an allegation, he could be falsely accused.

"Frey was in court Friday after he turned himself in to Pottawattamie County authorities on separate charges of downloading child pornography onto his home computer. A judge told Frey the charges stem from March 2005. "
This has nothing to do with the case.

““The allegations are that he confined and subjected his wife to sexual abuse,” said Pottawattamie County Attorney Matt Wilber.”
Notice it said it was an allegation…this case only has to do with bodily harm and kidnapping.

I agree with one thing : He should be charged with bodily harm and kidnapping.

Man. A contract? That’s fucked up. Bitch should’ve known her role!

(I kid, I kid)

You know, I almost admire having the nerve to try and impose this on somebody.


See, if he issued this to his wife as like a practical joke, it’d be funny as hell. Especially if she countered with a comparable contract (“toilet seat shall be left in the down position and wiped clean of errant urine after use at all times,” etc.) But that’s how Gallant handles this situation. Let’s check back in with how Goofus deals:

Yeah, realistically expecting someone to follow this shit, and moreover trying to coerce your wife into doing so? Nuh-uh. See, um, this is like, you know, America, and that shit don’t fly here. Move to Iran or some shit if you wanna be able to do this stuff to your wife. No contract of this nature could possibly be legally binding in the mind of any sane person (a group that doesn’t include this guy, obviously), here in a country where slavery has been officially outlawed for roughly 140 years. Whether she signed it or not. Even if she had, being forced to sign under duress would invalidate it.

Frey’s wife said she never signed the contract.

Oh, snap! There ya go. :smiley: Sorry dude. Do not pass go, do not collect 200, go directly to jail, you know the routine… (not that a contract like this would be legally binding anyway even if she had, and geez, she could still claim it was under duress, which would invalidate it, and probably wouldn’t be too hard to prove.)

I feel bad for the dude’s lawyer. His job and his code of ethics REQUIRE him to do his absolute best to get this guy off. That can’t be pleasant, unless he’s equal to his client in the douchebaggery department.

I agree…

I’m reminded of that episode of The Simpsons where Homer dreams he’s being charged by a race of giant donuts with eating one of them, and he tries to start eating the defense attourney, who goes, “What!? Okay, screw that!”

Um … with what, exactly?

I wasn’t being serious, I don’t want anybody to be raped. Stupid crab.

I read that about a week ago or so. That guy really has his life together. He’s my new role model