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Season 4 Starts!

Episode 25: Wait, there’s no 24? (Halloween Special: Part 1)

At the studio, Gemini had decided to throw a Halloween party, since Saddam had been defeated, (or was he?) It was near the Halloween season, and Gemini had to think of a costume. He liked Homestar Runner, so he decided to be him for Halloween. But, when Homestar found out, things went the other direction.

Joey had a better idea. He wanted to dress up as one of his former girlfriends; he had made out with Marlene Angel, who was from the same anime as him. Then Joey had died, but was still able to roam the Earth, so he dated Aeris.

At the studio, Gemini and Joey were getting ready for the small bash, Joey dressed up as Marlene, Sora as a ghost, Cloud as a clown, Wakka as a professional blitzball player (wait, he IS one.), and Jr. didn’t dress up. Gemini and KOS-MOS couldn’t decide what to dress as. Could they dress as each other? Of course not. Who would even THINK of doing that?

Just when the party started, Gemini had to think fast. He had decided to let the viewers decide what he and KOS-MOS should dress up as.

This ends Ep (dot) 25!

Gemini note 1: Viewers can decide what KOS-MOS and I wear to the party.

Gemini note 2: Id you want to read the first 23 episodes. click, uh