Contents of a good fic

Just look at a Galloway fanfic, and do the exact opposite. You’ll be winning Pulitzer Prizes in no time.

Wow, I guess everything depends on the plot, since I guess everyone is saying it.
What do you think a good plot should have? And, what kind of plot (fantasy, reality, science fiction etc.) would you go for?

Fantasy, sci-fi, reality are genres, not plots. They certainly affect your plot, but are not the plot in and of itself. Who’s going to like what is going to vary greatly from person to person. Usually when you come up with an idea, it’s best to place it in the setting that’s most compatable.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres, though. :biggrin:

As for what makes a good plot: originality and believability. And there should be a careful balance of those two. Something that’s been done a lot is likely to be really believable, but it won’t catch the reader’s interest. However, doing something simply because it hasn’t been done before isn’t always a good idea either if it doesn’t fit the reality you’re writing in.

Believability is closely related to characterization, setting, and knowing canon (canon is the undisputed ‘facts’ from the fandom). Using Chrono Trigger as an example: Don’t have Marle fixing the Epoch, don’t have San Dorino in 1000AD, and don’t have more than three people time-traveling at one time. Of course, having said that, if you have a solid and well-developed reason for any of those type of things to happen, go for it! Just don’t randomly stick them in there without reason.

As for the reason a lot of people are saying plot, think of it this way. Yes, grammar is important, but your textbooks have good grammar, and for the most part you probably don’t want to read them leisurely. The reason we read for pleasure is to be entertained, and a plot is usually essential to that. Spelling/grammar make the plot more enjoyable, but on its own… :boring:

Hope this helped some!

What should a good plot have? Hmm. Let’s be as simple as possible:

  1. Characters we can care about. It isn’t enough to say, “He’s the Good Guy, that’s his Girlfriend, etc.”. Give them weaknesses as well as virtues, so we can relate to them. Example: Batman is a near-perfect character: Handsome, rich, able to kick almost anyone’s butt, and outthink them if he can’t fight them. BUT, he’s forever haunted by the murder of his parents. It prevents him from having a real life or love, which in turn makes his life even sadder.

  2. Plots that MAKE SENSE. Make sure that everything that happens has a good cause AND effect. Example: How many times have we seen villains that want to conquer the World, and often try to do so by THREATENING to destroy it with some Ultimate Weapon? They never stop to think how HARD it is to rule the World (just look at the way our real governments are handling things). Besides, sooner or later he’s going to be caught off-guard and have that Weapon taken from him. What then? He should just have stolen a Million dollars and retired to Brazil. 8P

As for Genre, I prefer Fantasy 'cuz you don’t have to worry about reality so much. Still, coming up with Science Fiction explanations for things can be fun, too. Example: “He’s not my long-lost twin brother! He’s actually… MY CLONE!!!” :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.