Anyone pick up this game? I anticipated it highly, cos it sounded really hilarious. At this point, it’s not quite as great as I’d hoped, but it’s still really good, and I’m not exactly very far into the game (I just beat the second/third dungeon? Things are just barely starting to pick up). FYI, Contact is an Action RPG with very quirky humour. Case in point - Here’s a screenshot of the game, making fun of the PS3 demo at E3:

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I can’t get past the intro. I keep changing my favourite food from Pizza to Cocks.

That problem seems to come up a lot with you doesn’t it?

I would change it to Cocks, just because of the way they use the ‘favorite food’ information. In homage to Earthbound, though, I totally said that my favorite hobby was “Rockin’.”

I want it!!

I want to get a DS first, of course, but …

I got it. It’s pretty nifty. Here’s my friend code :smiley:

1804 7205 9571