Consumers have just gotten stupider: 600,000 N-Gages sold

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That’s a lotta doorstops.

Bah the N-Gage isn’t all that bad, I’ve had a chance to give one a good working over the last few days at work and it’s actually kind of nice. The screen has a good resolution and they’re setup for wireless networking so you can easily play a game with a few friends over bluetooth. Honnestly the only problem I have with it is the price, it’s just too expensive for my taste, well that and you must look like a total idiot when actually using it as a phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more interested in the inevitable competition between the GBA SP, the DS and the PSP.

It’s about the size a GBa, but has better graphics. Nokia did do one that was mainly a texting/Wap phone, it had a QWERTY keyboard and is a simalar shape to the N-gage, AND you Hold it screen to the Cheek and it passed as a normal phone when they was using it. when i first saw it i though it was going be simmlar to that one.

Price to high for so little, £250 for no games but a phone. (you can buy GBA £50 GBA-SP £100+ and a phone £100+, that did most of what the N-gage does). The N-Gage would of sold in the uk in March 2000, when you could get a phone for £30.

Sony PSP is going to have a neat funtions, and be cheaper than the DS just to beat Nintendo, cos the DS is said to be backwards comapatable, and that keeps games selling.

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Maybe if it had unique games instead of recycling the same old Tony Hawk and Tomb Raider titles you see everywhere, I’d be a little more interested. You can only play Tony Hawk on so many platforms before it gets old, and you can’t really play Tomb Raider on any platform.

Basicly: Good hardware, Crap software! Quite pricey too.

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Just tape a GBA to a cell phone.

Dude, it has had a world of improvements since the last version. The way the thread was opened looks like people saying “You know, they mistook once, therefore they can never get it right again.”

I have a Gba and a Moblie Phone in my pockets. Seen as you have to take off the back of N-gage and then use some fidly cards. I’ll stick with GBA, Thank You!

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This is N-gages sold, not N-Gage QD.

To consumers or to stores?
The article doesn’t say.

To dumbasses.

600,000, some of that will be in store tryouts.

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There were some basic engineering errors too, such as removing the battery before you could put in the game, and the fact that you talked in it like a taco, but im just stating the obvious here.

Call me crazy, but i like my handheld games 2D with sprite based art. Actualy, i prefer most games with sprite based art…

I know the feeling.

Amen to that.

The price of an N-Gage dropped down to 49,99€ last week over here… or that’s what the newspaper said…

The new N-Gage does seem to be much better than the old one, but it lacks in games compared to the GBA and just doesn’t get me excited. It is fine in the market though since it does bring competition, despite how little it is. We as consumers only benefit from competition.