Constancy and The First Duality

I haven’t posted anything here in some time. Let me know what you think of these.


The cross no longer charms me as it once did,
And I forget the prayers I used to murmur,
The saints whose deaths and stories fascinated
Medieval crowds, the laws that maintained order
Throughout five centuries of revolution.
The structure of the church is the cathedral,
Both fragile and majestic; the religion
That built them just as glorious and fragile.
Yet even in these fast and rugged days
The unseen-everlasting has its place,
And as I navigate life’s boundless maze
I sometimes sense a deep and phantom grace:
If not a three-in-one and one-in-three,
At least a life-affirming Entity.

<b>The First Duality</b>

Two spirits fight to gain control of me,
A lover and a warrior, and I
Struggle to live my life symbolically
And not to let one chance to feel pass by.
The warrior contributes hard ideals –
To clash against the world, my enemy,
And knock its people back upon their heels
Without a moment’s pause for sympathy.
The lover yearns for closeness in relations –
To meet the multitude and make them friends,
And live without demands or obligations
Without a second thought for higher ends.
My role is to extract from this a theme
And push both motivations to the extreme.

Erm, the lover wants to live w/o demands or obligations? I thought love brings quite a few obligations.

Naw, love isn’t supposed to have any demands or obligations. The warrior is the one who has tremendously high demands of himself.

Love ain’t carefree. Romeo & Juliet agree.