Console Shooters vs. PC Shooters

I play Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360, as well as innumerable other shooters. I played Team Fortress Classic, Counter Strike and other innumerable shooters on the PC. I’m a big fan, lets say that.

Now, I post on the Steam forums every so often and I generally get shit for playing on consoles and not “manning up” and playing on a PC. Generally these people are ignorant of my background and I shrug it off. But it still raises the question: Console vs PC shooters?

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t have a preference. The biggest difference I can discern is cheating - I think there are far fewer console cheaters than there are on the PC. Besides that, it’s little things like clear explosion sprites (but honestly, in this day and age such customization is pretty much prohibited, especially in the case of Steam where you wouldn’t be able to play on Valve Anti-Cheat servers which prohibit any sort of individual customization) and timers and such that give people advantages over one another. The other thing is that I’m pretty good at PC shooters and only marginally good at console shooters. The joysticks make games more difficult, I think, and thus more fun to play. Sucks when you max out the sensitivity though (which I eventually do with every console shooter; and once you’ve done it to one you’ve pretty much maxed it out on all of them).

What do you guys think? Do you prefer a console shooter or a PC shooter?


It is beyond me as to why no one released a mouse and keyboard addon to connect to the xbox 360 to play FPS. Having said that, I prefer console games to PC games because its simpler to run and install and make sure it works at nice graphic levels, though I’ll probably get HL3 for pc to complete the set. I would like my friends to not be such bitches and want to play console FPSes but they don’t, which sucks, so I don’t find myself doing much multiplayer wise. I would really like to play TF2 because I love the concepts and art. I’m not a fan of internet communities and the CS community is exemplary of why I’d rather not play online. I don’t find it fun to play by myself against random people like this.

I find it incomprehensible that people other than Valve and Blizzard and maybe another company or 2 even try to make games for the PC considering the levels of piracy involved.

I definitely prefer PC shooters in terms of the (IMO) better control and sensitivity that you can get with the mouse. I can’t stand playing a shooter on a console because the controls are just so clumsy.

I prefer console shooters. The controls are just simpler and it is easier to maneuver around. Plus, the mouse is too sensitive at times.

I prefer PC shooters because that’s what my friends play.

Not like there’s any multiplayer shooters on the Wii anyway.

I personally think it depends on the game, but I prefer PC shooters. Though you can get pretty damn good with both. But, the last shooter I’ve played in a while was Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. That’s the only decent shooter I’ve even been remotely good at.

Console, if for nothing else, so that I don’t have to break my bank just to upgrade to a high-end computer when the latest FPS comes out.

Also because I prefer to play my games solo (almost entirely due to my lack of friends).

Personally I’m quite torn. Since I like playing the Unreal Tournament series on the PC, but I prefer playing the more realistic shooters (like Call of Duty) on console.

If I had to pick one over the other, I would have to give it to console. Just because I don’t want to have to keep upgrading my PC to play new shooters. Also I like the controls of the console shooters.

Right now I still prefer PC. I’m still getting over the learning curve from PC to console.