Console MMORPG's.

Well chances are if I’m getting a modem for my PS2 for christmas and so I’ll also be getting some online RPG or game to play on it. This also means switching to broadband so yay! But the question in mind was how much do they cost, the monthly fee’s for the games? In particular FFXI & EQ since its likely I’ll buy one of them.

Well i know that FFXl is 12.95$ for monthly fee 1.00$ for each extra character or tetra master and it comes with the playstation hardrive i dont know about EQ

I havnt played it, but all the reviews i read of EQ for PS2 said it wasnt worth it.

True Fantasy Live Online for XBox is going to kick serious ass though.

Thanks, they’ll probably charge more when they reach Europe, but I think EQ might be out.