Does anyone know what the link is between Tokyo Babylon and X? They were made by the same company and whatever and I read somewhere’s that one gets continued into the other, or at least SOMETHING gets carried into the other anime. Can anyone tell me the connection, if there is one?

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Based on a manga series by the all-female Clamp studio, these two OAVs from 1992 and 1994 are linked by the character of Subaru, a powerful medium whose family has used their psychic powers to “protect Japan for 2,000 years.” In the first adventure, he’s pitted against a power-hungry executive who murders anyone in his way. The embittered sister of one of his victims unwittingly releases a spirit too powerful for her to control. In the second, Subaru helps to solve the grisly murders committed by a serial killer stalking the Tokyo subways. The police also call in Mirei, who has powers of “post-cognition”: an ability to see into past. In each case, Subaru is rescued at the last minute by the handsome veterinarian Seishiro. Subaru and Seishiro also appear in the feature X (1998). (Rated 13 and older: violence, violence against women, grotesque imagery) --Charles Solomon

Thankies. Wasn’t sure if it was a big crossover or not.

I think that was the biggest (Or only) crossover Clamp made. Before “Tsubasa Reservoir” which is the biggest mess ever made since Evangelion’s storyline.

Actually, several of CLAMP’s works revolve around the CLAMP school and the people that study there.

-CLAMP Campus Defenders (Suoh, Akira, and Noroku)
-Man of Many Faces (Mainly Akira)
-Tokyo Babylon (Seishirou and Subaru)
-X/1999 (All of the above)