Connecting to

So I just uninstalled and then reinstalled Starcraft (and Broodwar), but when I try to connect to, it doesn’t go past the “searching for fastest server” bit. It worked before I uninstalled it (I uninstalled it because it kept giving me an error when I tried to run it; an auto-update had failed mid update).

I assume you’ve checked your internet connection, and also assume it works since you’re posting.

Check and make sure you’re trying to connect to B.Net through a TCP/IP connection. Other than that, keep trying. Maybe B.Net is down or something.

Ive had this happen before, your registry settings are corrupted. uninstall all battle net games, files and everything, delete any battlenet refrence in ure registry (there are normally 2 refrences for starcraft, more if you have more blizzard software), and then reinstall everything.