Congratulations, Sin!

I was going to mathematically relate your age to today’s temperature (outside) with a very simple equation, but I decided not to. >.>; Happy birthday (nonetheless)!

Edit: Without windchill, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

With or without windchill?

Happy birthday, Sin.


Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Sin! I wish you success in work and happiness in your <strike>sex life</strike> personal life.

f(x) = SinsAge(Temperature outside)

Where SinsAge(x) turns x into Sin’s age :smiley:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. Good luck with your project.

Given that outside is cold enough to kill a puppy…

Happy birthday Sin!

Happy birthday, Sin! Hope you get caik!

I don’t think we could mathematically extrapolate squat from the current temperature out where I am (unless we use Celsius and avoid using division since you’d be working with -17 & 7/9ths degrees)

Still though, Congrats & Happy Birthday to you too Sin! :toast:

Use Kelvin. :wink:

Either way, grats Sin!

At least Sin’s long hair should help him stay warm. :wink:

Happy Birthday, btw. Have some Scientifical Caik. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay happy birthday :smiley:

Thanks everyone! And I hope its without windchill :O! I’m not THAT old! God damn its cold this week. Holy shit.

Happy birthday! Oh wait I’m too late…

Happy birthday! (and NO, you’re not THAT old, give it a few more years :D)

Happy (slightly late <<) birthday, Sin. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Sin!

(And yes, it’s cold all over the place. Damn weather patterns.)

Happy Birthday Mr. Sciency Man!

Edit: Dr. Sciency Man!

Happy Brr…day!

There are no happy birthdays. Only cakes that haven’t been eaten.