Rave and rant time… Happened last night but was feeling shitty… Sooo…

Like I just said, I was sick last night. Migraine, upset stomach, sore throat…

My brother wants to go to a local concert with two local bands (ska music). I’m like “Ugh, WHY?!” because I was the only who could give him a ride at the time. It starts at 7:00, so after him rushing to get ready, I give him a ride so he’s there at 6:30.

I go home thinking I can grab some shuteye until 8:30 or so (it ended at 9:00). I do so but am rudely interrupted by the phone’s incessant ringing. I pick it up and my brother says he needs to be picked up now (this was at like 7:45ish). I rush over there to see what’s up and see cops there, and I’m like, “Fuck. What did he do now?”

Turns out the place they were in could only hold 60 people, but over twice that was in there. Anyone outside when the first band left didn’t get in, even if they already paid to get in. My brother was inside and he still got kicked out because he “was close to the door.” I then get yelled at by this chain-smoking bitching lady. I argue with her for about five minutes before I get my brother’s money refunded so we can leave her sorry ass behind.

Of course, I was still feeling shitty at the time, so I wasn’t in the best mood, but it felt good to take it out on someone, especially someone who deserved it (she yelled at anyone who didn’t have a ride at the time they had to leave).

Anyway, that was my night last night. Joy.

whoa try not to have to much fun

I love instances like that when I have an excuse to be mean. being sick has its few benefits like that.

Your brother should know the places he goes to better.

If I were you I’d just tell him to get a taxi or a bus.

what ska band was it?

Originally posted by Ren
[b]Your brother should know the places he goes to better.

If I were you I’d just tell him to get a taxi or a bus. [/b]

A) No money.
B) He did know this place sorta well.
C) It was 2 local bands.

It was a few local bands, so tickets shouldn’t have been very expensive anyway. Can’t expect much from club shows that cater to underground bands.