concerning FFXI...

Since I’ve spent a whole month out, i’ve been thinking of starting over from scratch. Perhaps an Elvaan warrior. Do Elves make good Dragoons ? Being out of the loop, i know if i start back as my thief, i would be lost in what i was doing… and i just feel like i should start playing a new char alltogether. I have 4 days to make up my mind, and damn, these are some pretty freakin long days.

Elvaan Melee is good, However - prepair for the following issues if you do:

Elvaan = blind as fucking bats
So, in the monitary run, you’ll spend alot more raising an Elvaan melee if you do it good. Because where Mithra and Humes will spend cash on STR equipment, the Elvaan spend it on DEX equipment, which is alot more pricey. I play an Elvaan Paladin, so STR means little more than Jack and Shit. However, my VIT is imperritive. I’ve put over 50k in equipment for VIT+ gear alone, and I’m only level 19 with my PLD.

If I was going to be a Dragoon? I’d still have the best STR over all races (except being tied with the Galka) and so DEX would be important so I dont miss (like, well an elvaan, lol)…!

Galka are great melee, and shitty everything else. I dont care how silly it is to see a galka whm or blm, they suck. Even at high levels, in comparison to a Tarutaru a galka whm makes me wonder what the hell the person was thinking.

So in closure, yes Elvaan rule, as anything melee, even as WHM they are alright with a decent MND stat. But still, they dont have enough MP to be a good White Mage till much later in the game. Just be prepaired to miss alot if you do Elvaan, I do exaggerate, but even through all of it, You’ll see what I’m saying when you do it.

I am just trying to plan my advanced job ahead of time.
Some of the best WHM’s i’ve partied with were Elvaan… misses partying with Raani and Sain They were ahead of me a month ago, now they’re probably too far ahead for me to catch up with.

Soo, raise the Dex stat, and buy some glasses… I was maybe even thinking of Beastmaster. It’s fun watching a low level Bst soloing in dunes and pwning while your party of 5 gets smashed… allthough, it seems a lot of people hate beastmasters.

Alot of people hate BST cause they are irresponsible. After they get done leveling, they’ll just leave their pets behind and move on. So, if you’re in a zone with a bunch of BST, you’ll find many monsters that LOOK like they havent been fought (HP raises back to full) but infact have been tainted by the BST and end up giving you ASS for exp.
I’ve heard BST gets boring… And thats coming from a white mage, so wow.

And yes, while Elvaan CAN be good at white mage, the fact is, they in no way, shape or form, will ever have as much MP as a tarutaru and therefore loose on the effectiveness scale. It doesnt mean they are BAD at it, they certainly do better than Galka. However, the person you know who played the awsome whm as Elvaan, would probably be even MORE awsome as a tarutaru.

I was partied with a galka blm, who ended up being naked… pissed everyone off. He ended up saying the party sucked(and when we got a replacement blm, we kicked ass) and went looking for another party. He ended up coming back and asking for a slot, then logged out when we told him we filled it.

would having an elvaan warrior with a whm sub be decent for soloing ? Or should i sub thief ? war/thf worked perfect as a hume.

Don’t you hate it when people are stupid. I was a whm and was partying with this really crappy ranger.
Here’s an example of what happened.
I do the low on mp warning.
Moments later
Ranger: pulling Gob be ready

We were like lvl12 and then he complained about a lvl12 party not being able to defeat gobs.

At least we had this really good provoker he was the only one who died but he died like 3 times.

RNG can solo to 25 easily on worms, in like 10-15 hours. Avoid the dunes at all costs - n00b haven. DRG is nerfed, you’ll have a tough time with it, especially at the higher levels. WHM is great sub for solo at low levels.

As far as what to be, that’s up to you. Just know that the less ideal race you choose for your job, the more of a struggle it will be to find friends to party with. I chose to be Hume instead of Mithra for my THF, and never regretted it.

I’ve glady partied with several Galka mages that I knew. They don’t have the best stats, but I’d take them over some n00b taru all day, because they know how to play the game. I’ll tell you exactly what mage Galkas are most likely thinking - WHM and BLM are incredibly helpful subjobs for the higher levels for any job. WHM for sneak, invis, teleport…BLM for warp. They’re not committing a crime levelling these jobs to 37.

I’ve never seen a Galka in WHM or BLM AF armor. I’m sure it has been pulled off, and I give that person major props for doing so. I wouldn’t have an issue partying with a Galka WHM with a blink tank in party. Galka BLM on the other hand…that’s a tad of a stretch, but with the right party config, could work fine.

I think it’s so hypocritical when people criticize non-ideal job/race combinations in game. Why play damage dealers such as THF, DRG, WAR, or MNK when RNG and DRK (after 66) far outdamage them? Everytime you see a non RNG or DRK are you like “OMG that guy sucks he could be a better damage dealer!”?

I really want this game a bunch, but is it really as enjoyable as others say? I don’t want to spend 50 dollars on a game, pay 12 dollars on it a month and have to deal waith an ocean of noobs, or ignorant and rude people everday.

I was not complaining about the rng’s damage dealing ability I was complaining about his pulling he did not watch the party’s stats and several times I had only like 50 mp at the start of the battle

its not so much that I am angry with peoples lack of effectiveness when playing the game at low levels. I dont care from 10-20.

Its going to Kazham and seeing DRK that want to pull, or Monks that want to tank… Its stupid. Theres doing things just cause its fun, then there are the people who just dont understand what their job is made for.

in FFXI it takes a LONG time to level as you get higher, I dont like waisting time with less effective players. Thats just my opinion though. I want to get somewhere in the game.

Okay, here’s the char.

Elvaan- San D’oria
Vetrebond(randomly generated name since Harusame was taken)
so far he is a 5 monk and 7 warrior. I just upgraded all my gear(waiting for level 8 so i can use Brass Axe). So far i have had many people compliment my fighting abilities. I partied with a whm/blm, and he said after one fight “You arent a noob. I can tell by the way you fight that you’re good”. Talk about a head-sweller !
I am crafting in all three(that i know about) guilds in Sandy, and harvesting lumber.

Mullenkamp, In my opinion, the game is worth it(or i wouldnt be paying, LOL). as for dealing with assholes and “noobs”, there are those, but if you’re nice to people you wont generally have to deal with rudeness. “you reap what you soe” the old religious people i know always say, and while that isnt a universal truth, i like to agree with it. If you do get the game, let us know and we can get you a worldpass to play on our server, that cuts down on having to deal with complete strangers right there !

All I have to say is, not only is it faster to solo to 10, but less risky. I know WHM have a hard time doing this, but I think its silly to see a bunch of level 5-6 parties running around trying to kill orcs for good exp…

I’m a DRK and I pull with a crossbow. I see no problem with having a DRK pull when a THF, RNG or NIN is unavailable. A monk tanking however is just retarded. They may have the most HP but their light armor makes them unsuitable tanks.

You made one comment that DRK dont often do on my server that puts you above them however.

You use a crossbow.

Crossbow delay fits BEAUTIFULLY inbetween scythe swings… :slight_smile:

I agree, Soloing to level 10 does seem faster. I was even power leveled, and it seems to take longer than if i would have soloed…

I am not level 10, and ready for dunes… just waiting untill i have an hour or so free to level…

I am really progressing much better than i anticipated, i should be ready for Qufim by the Weekend