Concerning a Video Game Obbsessed Brother

How do I make it stop?! He drives me crazy, and If I don’t help him on some dumb video game he screams and hits, and…yeah. So any advice, PLEEEASE!

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A shotgun would be ideal, but in the probable case of lacking one, you can either be mean so he gets too scared to ask for help (This strategy has done wonders for me on numerous areas) or sucking it up and helping the brat.

Hey! I’m obsessed with videogames! I was when I was younger too! :smiley: Look how I turned out :D:D:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I do help him, he just keeps ending up finally finishing the video game…and playing it over again, he’s beaten Ratchet & Clank 1 and 2 about 40 times each.

40?! And he STILL needs help?!

How old is he?

Kick him in the kidneys; scare him, then tell him to use walkthroughs like the rest of us.

Do what I did with my younger sister, give him bad advice, that’ll make him stop

point him to gameFAQs (stay away from the forums, though). That has all the guides one could ever want.

Ohhhh, BlueMageOne speaks very valuable advice! Indeed!

Tell him that if he asks again, you’ll take the games, and smash them in to little tiny pieces.

I have the same problem with my spoiled brother and sister.
What I do is ignore them to the point that there screams irritate my parents. then my parents tell them to stop playing the game and find somthing else to do.
:moogle: so in other words you do nothing.

yup its worked for years.

I can’t point him to Gamespy…or teach him…he’s 5 years old.

Just hide his games. don’t destroy them or anything, hide them. When you leave or something, put them in the open. When you get back, hide them again =D

Deal with it. All 5 year olds are like that.

Woah… 5? Young. Ignore him. He’ll grow out of it.

I’ve given him my old offline FAQ system.

In other words He copys the Game FAQ’s Files in to his (and now his brother’s) Plams. and then reads them whilst playing that game.

I’d recomened getting/pestering for games with a Co-op Mode. Split Screen jobs, You will need a Second pad (pester again).

They include Surpisingly FF6 and FF9 (One does the walking the other controls some of the characters. You can decide who you can control). We’ve done it. There’s a Differnt Sound when a P2 character menu is popped up.

More Common Co-op RPGS are hard to find but The Tales of … (Symtoninica… etc) is one series. Although I think are hard for 5. So here a few others Non RPGS:

Favourate game in the UK, usally bought by and for young/older boys, is the FIFA #(Year of release), it a scocceor sim. (Nutter hates using that word). Basicly Sport games, You can get some older ones for cheap.

Big Nutter
Sonic 2+3 coming so to PS2 are Co-op. P2 can control Tales, in the default mode of Sonic and Tales.

If hes 5 he should be learning the values of patience… Tell him,

“If you ask me to help you again, the demon clowns will come out from under your bed tonight and saw off your toes with thier teeth… After that, they’ll take off your fingers one by one with a butter knife and eat them in front of you while you cry blood.”

That should help, it fixed me when my parents told me that.

I turned out completely normal.

I had a little brother like this once. You just have to say no. If he’s 5 years old, then he can’t really hurt you that much. If he starts biting you, that’s your cue to show the bite marks to your parents, who will then suspend him from games (unless there is something veeeery wrong…). If he starts wailing when you say no and threatens to tell on you, tell him to go ahead and explain, calmly and rationally, what the situation is to your parents. They’ll listen (see parantheses in sentence 4).

Yeah… Uh… Patience… >.>;; Gotta have that <.<;;