Conan go byebye

Why hasn’t there been a thread about this?

I like the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson more, anyway. Leno stopped being funny back in the 90s. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care about it.

NBC is tarnishing a television institution and disgracing the seat that Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno (yes, even him), and Conan O’Brien sat in.

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Seriously, Leno may be not be the funniest Stand Up comedian, but he did ease us into sleep with jokes about current events. NBC was unbelievably stupid in messing with a show THAT WAS STILL A HIT just because they thought they’d get a younger (and more money-spending) audience with O’ Brien. Heck, if they’d waited a few more years, Leno would probably have retired in Conan’s favor anyway. But nooo, they wanted him out now yet they didn’t want him going to another network, so they gave him a 10:00 Pm slot that just killed their late Prime Time airings. They even agreed to give Conan 40 Million Dollars if they couldn’t get him the Tonight Show. Somebody in the NBC is due for a VERY quick firing!

Anyway, Jay will return to the Tonight Show in march, after the Winter Olympics coverage. As for O’Brien, I’m sure he’ll get anther show if he wants… though in his place, I would just quit. I mean, when is he ever going to make that much money again?

Conan was always my favourite. Remember Labamba? Think of the bands!

And that’s why you shouldn’t say you’ll retire unless you mean it.

  1. FOX or something can easily shell out about the same amount of money. Remember, NBC is giving him $30 million plus despite losing money on the Winter Olympics, horrible ratings, etc. Then again, I’ve heard that his contract says NBC does not have to pay him the same amount of money as any new show gives him. Hell, if he were spiteful, that would almost be enticing to work on another show for a nominal salary just so NBC still has to foot the bill.

  2. I’ve heard rumors that the switch is due in part to GE selling NBC to… Comcast? I think it’s Comcast. Leno is seen as a little bit safer, so Comcast might have wanted him as a kind of bedrock. Hence this whole change.

  3. NBC couldn’t just wait for a few more years. Five years ago or whatever, both contracts were expiring and had to be renewed (or Conan’s was expiring and Leno’s was due to expire around June last year). Conan was seen as a hot commodity. NBC didn’t want to give him up to another network, and he knew that. Part of the only way he would stay would be if he got The Tonight Show. Leno said he would retire. While I blame NBC for most of the mess, Leno is somewhat culpable. He said he would retire and leave the show to Conan. Then, when it came up, he had something like six months left on his contract. That got renewed because of NBC’s fears, and he got essentially The Tonight Show at Ten. Slightly upstaging, and he didn’t have to sign the contract. He has repeatedly said he makes a living solely through his stand up fees. Imagine if Carson (who also retired on top; there’s something classy about going out while the best) started an earlier airing variety show when Leno took over. It was less about wanting Jay out and more about wanting to keep Conan.

In the end, all this has done is tarnished the legacy of The Tonight Show and ruined, somewhat undeservedly, the reputation of Jay Leno. Now, many of those who are with Coco, I doubt they’ll really ever watch The Tonight Show again. Part of what he was doing these last seven months was building a brand name and establishing an audience base, and that was thrown out after seven months. I doubt I’ll watch it again, and not just because I was a Coco fan. No, I doubt I’ll watch it because the legacy is gone. That image of goodwill has disappeared. Others won’t watch it just because they think Conan got screwed.

And really, what happens in two years or five years or whenever Jay Leno retires? Jimmy Fallon takes over? At least, if you didn’t find Conan funny, you could generally understand why people might. Fallon just sucks.

Craig ferguson ftw!

But really, I’m with coco :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m with Coco!

Kinda sad to see him go, cause he won’t be able to do anything else until September… On the plus side, more expensive bits until after tonight! I had to laugh at the crazy expensive bits Conan’s done the last two nights. But, from what I read, Leno had some clause in his contract stating NBC would have to pay him $120 mil if they ever canceled his little show for whatever reason. With this whole mess, NBC saves a little money, but they still suck.

On that note, there’d better be a In the Year 3000 tonight…

Conan went out classy. And I can’t wait to see him back on the air in seven months. Also, props to Jimmy Fallon. I don’t think he’s really said much in this controversy (probably good for his neck not to). Tonight, he opened with thanks to Conan, visited Conan’s old studio, and poured a 40 out on the curb.