Computer Viewing Problems

I think my brother screwed up my computer, as now, on here, and on yahoo, and severla other sites, when there is small text, or the whole site in general ( likeon yahoo) the text is blurred/doesnt look right. i use IE 6 with all the most recent updates, so i think he messed with some setting. any sugesstions?

Check the text size under ‘View’ in your IE menu at the top…if it’s not that, then go to control panel and check either the font settings in Internet Options, or the text setting in Display.

Are on on XP? If so, right-click on your desktop, then Properites > Appearance > Effects and check whether ‘Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts;’ is Standard of ClearType, and try changing it.

solved it. it was the size thing trillian said.

thanks all.

Pressing control and rolling the wheel on the mouse also changes font sizes.