Computer ... um ... Thing

Okay, so … Who has suggestions for getting a 668 MB file from one computer to another? Cuz IonMage just downloaded a file that size, and wants to give it to me, and his CD burning program insists that a blank, 700 MB CD-R doesn’t have enough room for it … Any thoughts? Suggestions?


You get a better CD Burning program. Or just use a crossover cable if the computers are located close together.

Or get two AIM/whatever names and send from one to the other. There’s always a way to cheat!

Have Ion save the file to a 1 Gb flash memory card, tie it around the neck of a pidgeon and see that it flies to your place.

Or do as Tenchumaru_Draconisu says.

Ill try winrar. And I just got a better burning program (alcohol 120%), so I’ll see if both combined will do well.

Or IonMage could just DCC it to you.

We go to high school together, so getting physical items together won’t be a problem. (And for the record, we live in different towns in opposite directions from said high school. ^_^) And the reason I’m not downloading it myself (or indeed DCCing it), is because with the time I’ve got, it’d take a month for it to get here.

… and now, uh, neither of us can figure out how to use WinRAR to spit files. ^^;

I don’t think WinRar splits files. It just compresses them. :\

I don’t know if it splits files, but even if it doesn’t, it’s more gooder than Winrar.

… more … gooder …

WinRar does split files. Search for a part where it says something about the size of volumes. There you’ll choose how big you want each piece to be.

uh… wheres the ‘volume size’ thing? Also, can I apply it to an archive I’ve already made?

powerarchiver can split files, and there is even an add on that lets you split self extracting files. I used to swear by it back when all my roms and stuff could only get home by means of floppy based sneakernet.

The volume size thing should appear at the very same screen where you’ll name the file you’re creating, and I think you can get an already existing file and create a splited one from it. I don’t have WinRAR anymore, I’m with Winace now, so I can’t tell you exactly how to operate RAR.

I did it! Thanks guys.

And there was much rejoicing. I guess.