Computer resolution?

Just curious, what display resolution does everyone use on their computers? (If you aren’t aware, you can check by going to the control panel, clicking Display Properties in Windows 98/Me or 2000 and going to Settings, or by clicking Appearance and Themes in Windows XP and clicking Change Screen Resolution)

The reason I ask is that my signature is somewhat large, but it’s not too big on any of my computers. Of course, I run one at 1856x1392 and another at 1680x1050. So, I’m curious what the median resolution is here, so that I know if I need to eliminate part of my signature or not.

1280x1024. At work and at home.


I do plan on getting rid of this 15" TFT one day and the day I do, I can finally access bios >_<;



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1024x768. :smiley: The better to see you with, my dear!

Um about 4x3, something about scroll bars thrill me. Actually I use 1024x768

1024 by 768, or whatever.
My parents used to constantly set it to the next step down so they could see it better, but for me everything was too large. Any more and some of the text gets tricky to read on this moniter.

1024x768, even though my mother whines all the time about everything being too tiny.

1280x800 (widescreen laptop)



1280 x 800

1600x1050. Widescreen!

1440x900 widescreen on my laptop

1024x768; pretty standard

800x600 on my 17" CRT monitor at home, 1024x768 on my 17" LCD at work.

Are you running Win98?

Didn’t you once swear never to use anything higher than 800x600?