Computer problem

Yeah I know I ask alot of questions about computers here. Anyway I go to gamefaqs to get walkthroughs and you know how it shows how many kilobytes the file is? Well I used to be able to open all of them. Now I cant open anything 400k (or so it seems) or higher. I used to be able to with a 56k modem and when I first got DSL I could open and load them no problem. But for the past few months whenever I try opening a particularly large one it loads but then it freezes and the only way to get out of it is to press ctrl Alt Dlt. Does anyone know whats up?

I think that would be more the issue of the browser than an issue of your connection. If the application (browser) freezes, then can i ask what browser/version it is? And if by “freezes” you mean “doesn’t load”, then try just increasing your timeout for connections.

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I agree, that’s not the connection. I had a problem like this before and and it fixed after I cleaned out the fifty MB of spyware I had on me.

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Isn’t 400k the largest size text document you can open in notepad?

Maybe. Too lazy to check now. In that case it could matter what browser he’s using. However, this does seem like a timeout problem, and could very easily be, considering the loseitude of his modem.

Possibly 400k is the limit, but files like the FAQs open in Word Pad for me.

First, clear your Temporary Internet Files. Then, check for Spyware (Spybot and Adaware can find about 95% of what’s out there). Try opening the files directly in your web browser rather than in Notepad. If all else fails, right click the file, click “Save Target As” and save the TXT file to your hard drive, and open it in MSWord or Wordpad, or whatever word processor you have.

I’ve already checked for spywere and deleted files. It just ain’t working. I can open anything else up, just not on gfaqs.

What the hell is this? I could have sworn you just got reamed for this same shit.

Mmmm timeout errors.

Actually, this sounds sorta like a shitty computer problem more than a timeout error. My laptop has a tendency to “freeze” whenever text files larger than a few MB are loaded and it takes a bit to load up and stuff. So maybe that could be the problem?

It’s not.

Epic is right 400kb isn’t the limit, I have several webpages that are 750+kb. As for your problem what kind of computer do you have (operating system, ram, processor)?

You don’t catch on fast, do you? If you keep this crap up, you may have to find something else to do with those 8 hours a day you spend on the forums.