Computer issue!

Anyone know how to change the MIDI soundfont in my laptop? The Control Panel “Sound” settings are unhelpful.

[STRIKE]I assume you’re trying to change the start up music on your computer. If you’re running XP, go to COntrol Panel - Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices and click Change Sound Scheme. Then click the sound you want to change from the scroll menu. Then click Browse and choose your sound to replace it.[/STRIKE]

Well, nopw i know that’s useless. Try this link. Hope it helps

Hey, man, that automated-customer-service impression was AWESOME. … Unfortunately, that site isn’t helpful either, since I don’t have Sound Blaster.

Since its a laptop, I’m going to presume its an integrated sound of some kind? My laptop had quite a few things that afflicted it, and solutions meant for soundblasters worked for me. But then thats MY integrated sound… sadly I can’t help you on this.

I’m just trying to change the MIDI soundfont from “poorly synthesized” to “sounds reasonably good.”