computer help. URGANT!!!

Hey could anyone with any technacal knowhaow help me? You know that menu that comes up when you use right click? How do you remove options from that? Because I sed right click and I saw that something had been added there! It says Hentai Movies! I need to get that off before my mom gets home and she’ll be home in 2 and a half hours! So could anyone please help me?

Sorry Infonick I hit enter before entering a message

Umm, you might wanna try uninstalling some programs, and not using any programs that involve porn. They only end in tears.

Okay I got it. That didn’t end in tears it nearly ended in heart failure!

FUCK!!!It’s still there!

Please, anyone that can help, all I need is to take an option off of my right click menu. It only shows up when on the nrt and my mom will be here in less than 2 hours. I couldn’t find anything to uninstall

Can you run any ad aware? Virus protection (I dont know, geesh)? Go to your control panel?

Or just play innocent and say it installed on its own.

I didn’t install it that’s the thing! I was on an anime site. It was a DBZ one and I got a fuck load of pop ups and most were hentai. I didn’t really feel like looking at that at the time and I found that extra hentai option.

Try going to the Hentai Movies thing, and mabey there will be a delete link thing there or something like that.

format c

Whats format c mean? I tried to go to the site but it didn’t have shit. So I emailed the assholes.

search on google for spybot, or ad-aware, download install and run. then get a pop-up blocker to stop it happening again, e.g. msn toolbar

With only an hour or so left, I think you’re up shits creek.
Open msconfig (Start -> Run -> enter ‘msconfig’) and post every Startup Item you have listed in the Startup menu that you can’t identify right then and there (ie. omit things like cpu monitors and antivirus software). If you’re lucky, it’s something that’s added to your menu every time you start up.

Worst case scenario, and most likely, is that you’re going to have to open regedit and search like mad.

I found it. I had to go to start>run>thenRegedit.exe. That’s the only place I could find the mother fucker! Thanks for your help.

What we all mean is this:
You’re fucked, take it as a lesson when searching for porn.

Problem solved? Where was it? I’d like to edit my right click menu too.

In addition to the guy above me, get a real browser. I’m going to wildly make an ass of you and me that you’re using Shiternet Shitsplorer (I didnt make that up). Get Opera or Firefox with a popup blocker. Popups are never friendly.

I stated in my previous post where I found the problem.

<strike>Haha, sucks to be you. It would’ve been fucking hilarious if your mommy came home and clicked that. XD. Stop randomly looking at porn, sicko.</strike>

Good, glad its gone.