Computer hell

My computer’s litterally screwed. I don’t know what got past my firewall, or whatever Spybot/Ad-aware can’t find… but something making my comp lagging as hell.
Note: Don’t fall for those “free screensavers” ads. Trouble started then.
Desinstalling everything I found useless, cleaning, I did everything in my power.

My computer lags as hell. I find myself waiting 2-3 seconds of wait between lines. On MSN, when I press enter, I need to wait to see my line appears. mIRC isn’t exactly better. Whenever something new popup, like a notice from Spybot, it takes more second. Not to mention the lag in games. Its horrible
Its isn’t the connection. DSL did well so far. My computer have 2 GHz of memory, if not more. It was powerful, flawless. But now…

Something’s pointing me to this “Download Accelerator” the screensaver installed. B ut I can’t find it. Nor can I delete it, its invisible. Oy.
And I fear that if I was to purge my harddrive, reboot it all, I wouldn’t be able to acess internet anymore.

Someone save me. Got any suggestion?

Actualyl, your CPU is 2gHz, not your memory. Anyway, you probably have something in your registry. Just look through it for unusual things that you know aren’t suppose to be there. Also, check your folders for possible spyware, there might eb dlls that keep creating stuff. Also, check what tasks are running, some may be eating up your resources.

Check your running programs AND running files, look up all the files you don’t know on google and if one of them is spyware or adware, kill them in the registry. =\



I will never forgive my ex for showing me La Blue Girl.

Uhm… anyway… don’t install Download Accelerators- 99% of them are spyware. That probably is your problem.

I didn’t meant to dl it >>;