Compressing files

Is there a good or a bad thing to compressing files?

i know that it saves disk space. any other things?

It produces are very small overhead and you can’t encrypt compressed files.

File compression is a broad subject, and neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ really describes it. There are many areas where it’s important - e.g., mp3s are compressed sound data. I think you’re talking about zip-file compression or something similar. In short, this sort of compression takes a lot of files, puts them in one, and then shrinks the file based on some algorithm.

The good part: You save disk space.
The bad part: You usually can’t access compressed files. You have to decompress them.

Some music players have a neat feature that lets you access compressed files for listening. Then you can store, say, each album in a compressed file, keeping your files organized and saving a ton of disk space.


this is Windows Xp built-in compressing, and i know that with regular compressers( winzip) you cant acess the files, but with this type you can.

I would only reccomend compressing files if you need to transfer them between computers externally, like on a disc.