Comprehensive Guide to Noobs (NOT newbies, but n00bs!)

I don’t know if you’ve already seen this, but I think it’s hilarious. Now, before new users come to kill me or this thread gets locked, I’d like to say this:

So this is not an offense to new users. Newbies/new users are NOT noobs!

With that out of the way, enjoy the read!

Is one of the telltale signs of a noob that he goes around posting this unfunny guide in forums?

If not it should be.

EDIT: It’s Ok. :hahaha;
:fungah: But being called “n00b” IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL! And stress UBER COOL!

Is getting offended when someone makes a joke about your uber cool post one of the telltale signs of a noob?

If not it should be.

LOL! :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

Is posting mean-spirited jokes one of the telltale signs of a noob?

If not it should be.


sigh I’m surrounded by noobs in my college…

Worst is, if I show this to then, some will want to lynch me.

I got really annoyed by how the colors changed when you highlighted it, so I didn’t read it. Sorry.

I think ‘noob’ is fucking stupid and anyone using the word serioiusly should be shot.

<!–Countdown to ‘noob’ reply; BEGIN–>

Nothing in there I wasn’t already aware of.

:hint: Keep your cursor away from the text…

I’m quitting the internet. God.

oh gee, I wonder if the conspiricy of new people has grown so much that a guide was created to keep it at bay.Is this even necessary, altough humerous?Im aware that new people/members/whatever (no, not nOObs;it sounds retarded) tend to get a little immature,but if they just use coomon sense (something most people dont practice) everything will be just fine.Its a shame the human society grows stupider by the minute sigh(Im reffering to most people though)

DON’T GO. If you do who will laugh at our stupidity?

New users are NOT n00bs! Like you said, they can use common sense. I didn’t write my 1st post for my health dammit. And yes, stupidity runs rampant. Now go and stop it. That guide is humor. You guys are getting this stuff too seriously…

Hades, sadly that’s just the tip of the iceberg in case you didn’t know…

Everyones using sarcasm nameless,no need to get a bitch fit XD

t3h zepp = nub

Dunno why, today I’m real prone to bitch fits. :hahaha;

I like this posting guide better. :slight_smile:

Isn’t calling someone a “noob” in the first place the sign of being a “noob” ? Even the example given in that thing used “noob”. I wish i had more time to waste one things like this, but life is short. If i could take back all the time i spent posting on childish discussions, i’d probably have long hair again.