Composing Music

Anyone know of any sites that go in depth? I know there’s an element of trial and error involved, but I need something solid to work from. I’m looking for theory.

Do you mean composing in any specific style, or just composing in general?

I used to have some good links on music theory, but it seems half of them are dead now. This website seems to be working fine though

Hopefully that helps a bit. If I find anymore, then I’ll post them.

Thanks man.

Anyone else have anything?

It’s good for learning how to work on the theory side of composing.

Some general things are using related chords together (I.E. A and E go together quite well, and so are often used together in songs), to end a song on a note of its key signature (if your song is in A, end it on either an A chord or a note off an A scale), and theme and variation (have a basic pattern or theme and varry it slightly every time-- this is especially useful in guitar solos and long strings of notes on any instrument) are big ideas.