Comparing FF re-releases

I currently have FF Chronicles, Anthology, and Origins, and I’m considering dumping those to get the handheld versions (well, except Chronicles since it has Chrono Trigger, and I don’t see a handheld for that anywhere around here).

Do you prefer the PSX releases or the GBA ones? Why do you like one over the other? What differences are there between these versions?

GBA by far. Extra material and no load times. FF Origins might be worthy to hold on to, though. The sound is naturally better, and the MP system lets you get a bit more overpowered in FF1 than in the GBA release, if I remember right.

Edit: FFIV has some excellent extras on the GBA: the ability to use all living characters at the end of the game and two extra dungeons - one where you can retrieve armor and weapons for the newly-available characters on par with the equipment found in the last story dungeon for regular characters. The second extra dugeon has randomly generated floors, but follows a pretty set pattern - ever few floors there’s a special area where you get to see a special new bit of story for a character.

I sort of prefer the PS versions of FF1 and FF2 since they are a little more challenging (the GBA ones are ridiculously easy). The PS version of FF1 also has the original magic system, which is sort of nice (GBA version has the modern MP system). As for FF4, it isn’t really any different from the PS version. It is more of matter of which system you want to play it on. FF5 for the GBA is MUCH better than the PS version. The translation is better, there are no load times for the battles, and it has some other extras. FF6 hasn’t been released yet, but I imagine it will be better since it’ll lack the load times of the PS version.

Basically, dump FF Anthology and get the GBA FF5 and FF6, keep FF Origins, and it is up to you if you want to play FF4 on the GBA or PS.

I wouldnt sell Anthology or Chronicles, they’re worth some money.

How can he get the money though if he doesn’t sell them? ^ ^

He implied that he would

Red Mages got nerfed in terms of both HP and MP in the GBA version :confused:

Thus he’d get the money. Your point?

I dunno. If I had a game that was OOP and hard as hell to come by, I wouldnt sell it. (I already made that mistake with FFA and Suikoden II).

I must go play Suikoden. Thanks for reminding me.

I just bought FFA for $8 at a music store (they have a pile of used games in the back).

The loading times on the PSX FF games kinda suck…

Final Fantasies IV and V are much better on the GBA. I personally don’t care for the extras. However, the translations of the GBA versions are much better than all previous versions, and Final Fantasy IV Advance has improved graphics.

Wonderswan Color remakes FTW. :cool:

Actually, I haven’t played either the PSX or GBA remakes, but I’d probably vote GBA just for the extra content. The PSX versions do have the advantage of better sound output over the GBA’s speaker, though that’s probably the only significant advantage they have. I don’t care too much about FMVs in older games.