Company of Heroes, Oh how I love thee.

Let me count the ways:

  1. You are made by the creators of Homeworld, and Dawn of War.
  2. You are set in WWII, but are not some crappy-ass FPS.
  3. You are strategy, but they took many FPS-only engine elements (havok, post-processing, actual bullet calculation)
  4. Your troops explode when hit by artillery/explosions
  5. Your vehicles can run rampant when the driver is randomly killed in combat
  6. You don’t have to mine for anything. Just fight over control points to keep your resources coming.
  7. You allow for garrisonning and destruction of nearly every part of the map.
  8. Your ground craters, shudders, and scars upon impact of weapons.
  9. Your land makes for great cover for extremely intelligent troops, who seek out and take any cover they can find when under fire.
  10. You look absolutely breathtaking, up close and far away.

Now go read some real reviews of this masterpiece of modern gaming. I love you, Relic <3

I agree - this is the best RTS game I’ve played in years. I’m not a huge RTS fan (too much resource management and reckless troop rushes), but CoH is friggn’ amazing.

It rivals SC. I’m not kidding.

Never been a fan of Starcraft so it doesn’t take much to beat it in my book :cool: . But CoH definitely requires much more strategy than SC.

I still can’t get over how amazing the voice acting is in CoH. And how fun it is to watch a vehicle drive outta control after its driver is killed

Yeah, and the physics are funny but realistic :smiley:
It uses Havok and all that, so it’s pretty realistic with still allowing some of the funny asshole physics.