Commerical Starring Kagon

I saw this commercial late the other night, and I figured I should show all of you. Oh, and before you ask, I did get Kagon’s permission to post this. So nyah.

Kagon’s Commercial

Let me guess, It was on Fox around 1 o’clock at night. I’ll clip the pics tonight and put YOUR face on them, 984.

Order now and get Kagon’s Gone Wild Roadtrip

Kag is sexy _

Kagon isn’t only a princess, but also a porn star? Oh My Rast!

So many of them…

Somehow I don’t find this funny…

I feel so exploited now…

Originally posted by Kagon
I feel so exploited now…

exploits you further

I didn’t want to hurt you baby
I didn’t want to hurt you
I didn’t want to hurt you
But you’re pretty when you cry

Kag… you’re a slut of many or a many of sluts.

Aww, poor baby Hugs Kagon

Poor baby indeed. Don’t think that hug is gonna de-traumatize him now.

If anything, a hug from Booken will RE-traumatize him.

Why? I get hugs from Booken and I’m not traumatized. hugs Booky

/me goes away to download it off kazaa.

That’s always a solution. Heh.

I’ll take Weiila over Kag any day. Wonder if Zepp has anythign on her…

He looks delicious. Oh, and 984, thank you for completely ruining that branch of porn for me.

Oh yeha. that is disturbing.

I’ll never be able to watch those commercials again.


Now this image will haunt your dreams whenever you see Girls Gone Wild or any commercial of it! >:D

The commercials would be an embarrasment to the girls. If I was in one of those commercials, I’d be embarrased