Coming out of the closet

After years of having sex with girls of all varieties, I’ve been left with a feeling of profound emptiness, not to mention a mad case of erectile dysfunction. I’ve never wanted to admit it to myself, but yes, it is true denizens of rpgclassics. I am a homosexual. It feels so good to say it. Homosexual. Homosexual. It’s got a nice ring to it. I could definitely get used to it. All those years of watching straight porn…well now I know why my attention was always distracted away from the girl toward the tool of the trade.

What am I supposed to do about it though? I’m already 25 years old, and the closest I’ve ever had to a gay encounter was that Elton John concert I went to. Where am I even supposed to begin? I have a gay friend from high school, but I don’t really talk to him anymore. Anyway, I don’t think he’d really be my type. He’s more of the fruity artsy left-handed variety of gay guy. I don’t like any cream and sugar in my coffee, if you get my drift. :ulty:

There are so many things I need to consider. How should I prepare for my first gay experience? Should I be the top or the bottom? I heard asian guys have smaller wangs, should I try one of those first? (ClessAlvein you can give me input on this) Or maybe I should just jump right in and test drive the cadillac. Or maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong. Being gay isn’t only about having sex with lots of sexy dudes with massive libidos, right? Maybe I should go for love first. Any advice for me rpgclassics?

How you would choose to come here with this is beyond me.
And I always thought you were so straight.
Pains me to face the truth about this.
Probably need to face therapy.
You really turned my world upside down with this news.

And still, I think I can get over it.
Possibly with time and healing.
Really didn’t see it coming though.
I don’t know if I’ll be so trusting again.
Lousy way to break the news to a guy.

Finally, though, I think I understand you.
Out of the closet, where you belong.
Ordinary like everyone else, nothing to be ashamed of.
Lastly, thanks for the laugh.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

I have one piece of advice for you.

Grow a Beard.

Oh Zepp. You and your crazy April 1st shenanigans. Ha ha ha.

Seriously though, ask Ez.

your mother and i are very disappointed in you

Here’s the only advice I can offer you:

wait, you’re 25?? o.O

hehe and i read that all the way through thinking wow…

then i remember the date …

Well, Zep, you’ll be able to find out with your “experimentation” because there’s a gay Asian singles site advertising on this page.

Google saves the day again. Boy is there anything that company CAN’T do?

Good grief, did Uriel make the ad banner I’m unfortunately seeing?

It certainly loads fast enough.

Ooo, rainbows! How lovely.

Well Zep, do you feel yourself being the dominate type or do you like being tied to the bed? =p

Try out the young chinese boys I know you used to be into the little girls

I knew you were gay when we went to that meet. Cuz at night, when everyone was sleeping. You sucked off clothhat on the couch. And I heard it all.


I heart you.

MY add is for sketchers. I guess they’re gay. Maybe they load as fast as they can make you run?

I’m here for you Zepp.
In more ways than one.
Call me :kissy:

The rainbow…! MY EYES! Damn you Zepp!