Comics redux! Zelda and Captain N nostalgia action!

I posted the Zelda comics last year, but since I’ve been scanning some more now and the old thread is gone, I’ll repost. Enjoy! And the sucky translation is due to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whaddaya mean Samus Aran killed the king of Videoland?

Link’s in a pickle! Mwahaha, I love this one… >)

OMG look, Ganon kidnapped Zelda again. And Link, stop getting captured!

That Princess Lana is a bitch. Hmm, who to trust, Samus or some bitch Princess? I would have shot her ass in panel 4.

Probably. Methinks Lana’s on permanent PMS mode.

Zat was my thought as well.

And yes, I’ll scan the continuation of that last Zelda comic soon.

I’ve got some english Captain N and Super Mario Bros. comics around here somewhere, and maybe some Zelda’s, too. I’ve also got a few captain N’s on tape, including the visit to the “world of Final Fantasy” and the Dragon Warrior episode. I’ve also heard rumor that G4 is trying to obtain the rights to those shows. You know, so that they’ll have something worth watching.

Well damn. I’d have to see those!

They were in Final Fantasy too?! I only saw them in Dragon Warrior apart from Metroid…

By the way, how many years ago were those comics made? Samus looks a bit… odd.

We’re talking at least 15 years ago.

15… Whoa! It’s impressive to see that they’ve been kept in such good condition for so long.

How dare the Princess doubt the morality of the greatest bounty hunter ever?

Manus: Yeah, I treasure these comics :slight_smile: It’s really funny in the first comic when Samus shows up for the first time, that SURE shows how old they are.
Kid Icarus: “Wow princess, Samus sure is toughus!”
Lana: “Yes… Samus is the strongest space hunter. Samus has survived many impossible missions. Samus is a living legend…” (Samus removes helmet) “Samus is… A WOMAN?!”

Heh :slight_smile:

If I remember it correctly, in the first Metroid game, they concealed that fact until the ending. That cuteness was more than enough to justify finishing Metroid Fusion. But Super Metroid… Jesus! I’m starting to think if I’ll ever be able to finish it…

Oh yeah. I wanna finish MetFusion in 100%/<2h.

I want to see that cute body shot!

There is a BODY shot? I didn’t know that.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
There is a BODY shot? I didn’t know that.

Yeah, one of her in Leather tights (from neck to thigh) with a bity background. It rocks. That and I wanna get teh fuggin easter egg.

Originally posted by StarStorm
[b]Oh yeah. I wanna finish MetFusion in 100%/<2h.

I want to see that cute body shot! [/b]

God hates me, the best I’ve ever done was 100% at 2:05!

Good as always.

I remember Captain N and the old Zelda cartoon (plus the Mario show too). I acually have issue four of the Zelda comic in English here if you wish me to scan in some later on. It has a cool map that merges the two world maps of Zelda 1 and 2 together that I alway loved to look at every once in a while.

[edit] Here is the map I was talking about. Note the fact the middle has a darker scan, as it wasn’t able to be place all the way in the scanner. Other then that and a few burry text, this is great looking.

The Zelda 1 and 2 Hyrule Map

I think I’ve seen a few episodes of the Zelda cartoon, but it was so long ago I don’t remember much.