So, anyone going to the International Comic-Con this year? It’s the 40th Anniversary.

Man, and I thought visiting collectible/comic shops were over stimulus enough. I can’t imagine surviving a visit to a comic convention. My brain would blow up with all the stimulus.

There’s no way you’d ever catch me anywhere near Comic-Con, so I won’t be attending. But I’m interested to hear some about the Star Wars thing that’s going on. George Lucas is having a some kind of Q&A thing of sorts where he’ll talk about new episodes of the animated Clone Wars show and about a live action television project.

I would LOVE to go to one of these things.

There’s a panel tommorrow (Thursday) on the new Twilight Movie (New Moon?). Folks started lining up Wednesday morning to get in. For my 11-hour shift, I just stood outside and made sure that all the 14 year old girls in line (about 900 of them as of 1:30am) didn’t get out of hand :\ No inside scoops for me!

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are going to be showing off their new book… I really, really want to be there!!!